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Grease Piston Lubricator

SSG-P Series

Grease Resistance LubricatorGrease Resistance LubricatorGrease Resistance Lubricator
  • Strong Cover
    • Protect the motor well and reduce the volume at operation
    • Water-proof and dust-proof
  • Fixing Holes
    • The fixing design is compatible with other popular models in the market
    • Easy for customer at replacement
  • Stainless
    Pressure Gauge
    • Durable and Reliable body
    • MPa & kgf/cm2scale

Model SSG-P
Distributor DG-series
Supply Voltage (V) 24V DC
Power Consumption (W) 93
Motor Power (W) 45
Current Consumption(A) 4.0A Max
Output Bore Ø6
Discharge Pressure In MPa (kg/cm2) Maximum 10(100)
Discharge Capacity (c.c./min) Above 15
Level Switch Option
Pressure Gauge MPa & Kgf/cm2
Pressure Switch Option
Cup Capacity (c.c.) 1000
Net Weight (kg) 2.6
Recommended Grease No. 000, No.00, No.0 and No.1

SSG-P1000 Dimension (Unit: mm)