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About SMUS Oil Piston Lubrication Systems

SMUS Oil Lubrication Systems is a piston lubrication system. The whole system is functioned by a piston lubricator, piston distributors, and accessories like piping and fittings.

Lubricators: SST-series oil piton lubricators include SST-B2, SST-J2, and SST-H2. They are applied on different machines depending on the sizes of machines and required specification. SST-series oil piton lubricators are usually 110v or 220v at the output bore of Ø4 or Ø6. Operation is manipulated by the external timer or the controller of the machine. SST-series lubricator includes a pump and a motor. Pumps used in SST-series lubricators are gear pumps which also contain pressure release device to depressurize. Piston distributor lubricators need the cooperation of pressure release device to depressurize to function smoothly. Other accessories found on these lubricators are pressure switches, float switches, instant feed buttons, and pressure gauges. Lubricators have part numbers starting with SST followed by a series of numbers.

Distributors: The cooperative distributors of SST-series oil piton lubricators are DQ-series and DC-series oil piton distributors. DQ-series is an identification-pin type distributor, providing machines users easy visual confirmation of the lubrication system operation status. DC-series is a manifold type distributor, providing the basic function of oil piton distributor at economical cost level.